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The Hustle is Real

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For quite some time I thought ‘hustling’ was just a fancy word. More and more people start using it. But let me tell you something, it is not. The word hustle is as meaningful as the drive needed to achieve the things you want. Let me first show you a very short movie by Casey Neistat.

You see, the internet changed a lot. It made a lot of things possible that were unimaginable a decade ago. Casey made this 27 second video and put it out for the world to see. Something that just wasn’t possible a few decades ago. And people watch this idea of him, almost 2 million people already did. The internet gave people the tools to get their message out to the world. It gave them a platform to achieve their biggest dreams. The internet made it easy to reach out the whole world… and it’s available to anyone. Well guess what? People are actually using it to achieve their biggest dreams.

There’s only one thing where a lot of people are wrong. You can’t just reach out to the world and expect people to do what you ask them to do. You can put out ads to millions of people with a message to buy your product, to read your book, to watch your show or just to believe what you’re saying. But this won’t work as long as your story isn’t great the best story out there. And how can I get the best story out there, you may ask? Well, by trying. By failing… a lot. And by learning your lesson every time you go down. And you better do it fast, faster than everyone else. Make your story, test your story, put your story out there and keep learning. It’s the only way to keep ahead.

And what happens if a lot of people are racing for the same finish? Reaching out to achieve the same goals? Well, you need to stay ahead. You need to beat them all to that finish line.  You need to hustle.

Now stop reading articles like this one and get back hustling already!

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