My thoughts on Android and the OnePlus One

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After almost 7 years working with no other phone than the iPhone I thought it was time for a little experiment. I started using a OnePlus One with CM12 (Android Lollipop) on it. Two days later I complemented this setup with a black Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch. And so it began…

OnePlus One build quality

First I want to talk a bit about the hardware. At first the OnePlus One felt very large coming from my iPhone 6. But after a while I got used to it. In such a way my iPhone 6 started feeling rather small instead… A larger phone always seemed so “unhandy” to me. But once you get used to it it’s really nice to work with. I am using my iPad mini less and less. A 5,5 inch screen is just right for reading a blog, and quiet alright for surfing the internet. I even bought the Moto 360 online with my OnePlus.

If I look at the build quality of the OnePlus One, I must say it is not bad. Not bad at all. The front looks really nice with the small bezel. And the sandstone material they’re using for the back feels really good. It’s also quiet handy for working with such a ‘large’ phone. But when you are coming from an iPhone I think it is really hard to improve on build quality. The iPhone just blows about every phone out of the water at that point. When you’re holding an iPhone, you just feel the quality.

The love-hate relationship with Android

This part is the most difficult to explain for me. After a week using an Android phone as my primary device I must say I’m positively surprised. I guess this has a lot to do with the Moto 360 though. That smartwatch is just phenomenal! Every message, twitter DM, (important) email, all just at a glance. And dealt with accordingly with just a swipe. Without even thinking of taking my phone out of my pocket. Amazing. Sipping my coffee in the morning, looking at my watch how long my morning commute will take.

The Android experience on the phone itself on the other hand is where the love-hate starts… Honestly, Android 5.0 Lollipop is the first Android system I kinda like. The UI looks really nice, and everything works really snappy. Other things like double tapping on the screen to wake up the phone are also really nice. “Ok Google” is at least just as smart as Siri. And voice commands are also really handy on the Moto 360.

But on the other hand there are things like scrolling, this is just not like the iPhone. It really is hard to explain, but scrolling on an iPhone just feels more natural. On iOS everything just comes together really nice. While on Android it feels like the system has more ‘rough edges’. The user experience with third party apps themselves also isn’t like on iOS. Everything just feels a lot more intuitive on iOS. On the other hand, I just created about a third more screen estate just by changing one number in a config file with an app I downloaded from Google Play. Now, that’s something you can’t even think about with an iPhone.

Final thoughts

It’s really a bit early to conclude my Android experiment. But I will update this post during the coming weeks so you can read everything about it. I will also write another post about the Moto 360 and smartwatches in general. Because I really think there are some exciting times ahead for these smartwatches!

If you have any thoughts about my post, please feel free to drop me an email.

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