Juggling Between To-Do List Tools

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Every once in a while I evaluate my workflow and the tools I use. Most of the time everything will stay the same except for one tool… my to-do list tool. Right now I am using Omnifocus for a couple of months already. And this tool is OK, it’s not perfect but it gets the job done. Before I started using Omnifocus (for the 2nd time already) I was using Wunderlist. The reason why I switched to Omnifocus was because I ‘thought’ I needed more options… Thought. Let me explain.

I was using Wunderlist first because it’s a great and simple tool to use. It looks great, it’s not too expensive, you can easily share lists and it supports all platforms. But I can’t defer to-do’s, I can’t add a time to the due date and I can’t use contexts.

Enter Omnifocus. I can now defer to-do’s, add a time to the due date of an item and I can use contexts. This will make me me so much more organised… NOPE! After using Omnifocus for a couple of months I can safely say I almost never used any of the features I thought I needed it for. If all these fancy features did anything, it was making it harder for me to get organised.  And it doesn’t look as good as Wunderlist.

Ok, but now what? Back to Wunderlist! I really value the simplicity of Wunderlist. I don’t need 1000 options to plan my to-do’s in all different ways. I don’t need all the bells and whistles that Omnifocus has to offer. I need to get things done! And a tool to get things done is not more than a tool. In my opinion a to-do list tool needs to be as simple as possible and give you peace of mind that your important tasks wont get lost between all the fancy features some apps offer.

Right now I’m back to using Wunderlist and I think it’s going to stay like that for a while. If Microsoft doesn’t kill it like they did with Sunrise, that is.

Do you agree? Or what tool are using? Maybe just good old paper?
Let me know in the comments below!

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