Juggling Between To-Do List Tools

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Every once in a while I evaluate my workflow and the tools I use. Most of the time everything will stay the same except for one tool… my to-do list tool. Right now I am using Omnifocus for a couple of months already. And this tool is OK, it’s not perfect but it gets the job done. Before I started using …


My thoughts on Android and the OnePlus One

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After almost 7 years working with no other phone than the iPhone I thought it was time for a little experiment. I started using a OnePlus One with CM12 (Android Lollipop) on it. Two days later I complemented this setup with a black Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch. And so it began… Alright, #Android, you and me! #OnePlus pic.twitter.com/LAihYNUWGp — Jasper Meurs …


Canary Keeps Your Home Secure

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Canary introduces home security as it should be. It doesn’t require an expensive installation, it is just a plug and play device. Canary is a single device packed with a lot of sensors. An HD video camera, microphone, temperature sensor, air quality sensor, humidity sensor, and much more. All these sensors make that Canary transforms your home into a quantified …