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I’ve been walking around with a way to thick wallet for a while now. Always when I had to go into the city I had to take the important stuff out of my wallet and take it loosely in my pockets. But then it was like my computer was accusing me of having a thick wallet, and started showing some Bellroy display ads. Really love the way they are doing their marketing too by the way. They are telling you why, not what… Anyone watched Simon Sinek’s TED talk? “People don’t buy what you do, people buy why you do it.” Anyone? Well maybe I should write another post on that topic.  Anyway, because I was really eager to get this thick wallet problem solved I started looking around on Bellroy’s website.

When I saw their Hide and Seek wallet I was immediately sold! This wallet just looked awesome. And the moment I noticed they offered free world wide shipping, the order was placed. A few days later I found a nice little package in my mailbox…

And the contrast with my previous wallet was big… very big!


I have my brand new Bellroy wallet in use for a couple of weeks now. And I have to say I am more then happy with it. It is made from high quality vegetable tanned leather, and it is really nice and thin. Just what I was looking for! The only downside I can imagine for the moment is that it won’t fit any bills larger then the 50 euro bills. But you can off course fold the bigger ones to fit them in.

Anyway, I can only recommend the Bellroy wallets to everybody who wants to just carry what they need. You will love it!

If you have any further questions about my experience with Bellroy and their products, feel free to ask.

Bellroy Hide and Seek Wallet
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